CRI:春姑娘来了 让我们去踏青吧!


This is a famous Chinese children's song called "Where is the Spring?" The rhyme goes: Where is the spring? The spring is in the mountains and forests. There, it has red flowers, green grass and ringing birdies.

But it seems now such springtime scenes can only be found in children's minds and adults' memories.

With elementary and middle schools growing larger and many having more than 1,000 students, organizing group activities has become a tough issue for teachers. And as schools are responsible for students during school time, they cannot afford to take a chance on any unexpected accidents occurring in group outings.

As a result, almost all elementary schools in recent years have canceled their spring outing plans to avoid the risks.

But students see it differently.

"Spring outings are good for our health, and it's a good opportunity for us to communicate with our classmates and teachers."

"On the one hand, students can learn about the teamwork spirit during spring outings; and on the other hand, they provide good exercise for our bodies. I think the security problem can be solved if the school pays close attention to the issue. We can't give up eating for fear of choking. It is the same for spring outings. We can't give them up for fear of the security."

The safety issue is also the one that concern parents the most. But many of them say they are not opposed to extracurricular activities such as spring outings.

"Excursions are good for the students both physically and psychologically. But the school must have a sound plan in all aspects, especially security.""We are against activities that lack good planning-those blind ones."