CRI在线收听:U.S. Agriculture Delegation Visits Cuba for Possible Cooperation

Representatives from the US and Cuban agriculture sectors are sitting down in the hope of working out new business deals.

A group of 95 US representatives are in Cuba for a three-day meeting.

John Block, a former US Agriculture Secretary, is among them.

"We have a farmer-to-farmer program where our farmers come to the countries and share ideas and learn from each other. I'm just saying, we're very sincere about this opportunity and I'm happy we're this far. We've got a long ways to go. I don't want to kid ourselves. But we need to hang together and keep working to strengthen the relationship and in the final analysis, bring us all together."

Pedro Padron is the Director of U.S. and Canada Trade Policy with Cuba's Foreign Trade and Investment Ministry.

"We are hoping that their visit will contribute to the normalization of trade relations between the two countries and I am certain that in the future, we will be talking about businesses that are interesting and very useful for both sides."

Cuba is a potential 2-billion US dollar agriculture market for US investors.

However, that can't happen until trade restrictions are lifted.



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