VOA常速[翻译]:杜绝校园暴力 从小学生做起

College Gardens Elementary is the kind of school where children are exposed to diversity at a young age, where students interact with children, whose families come from more than 40 different countries. College Gardens is an amazing school and we have some fantastic kids, but not one person in this school is perfect, and so for us, to continue to learn and grow and accept one another is something that we continually work and strive towards.

No Place For Hate starts with student-led committees. Guided by teachers and parents, the committee’s think of ways to promote kindness, from paying a compliment, opening a door for someone, to making sure no one eats lunch alone. I wanted to help kids around the world that are being bullied because no one should feel they are not liked enough.

The Anti-Defamation League started the initiative in 1999 after the shooting massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado. Today the program is active at more than 1,700 US schools. Here in the Washington DC area, we launched No Place for Hate in 2016 as a response to the growing sort of climate in our schools of really divisive rhetoric from political campaigns and throughout our country seeping into the halls of our schools.

Some students have found inspiration in young activists such as Hana Kaur Mangat. At 12, she co-founded the Sikh Kid 2 Kid youth organization after six worshippers at a Sikh temple were shot by white supremacists in Wisconsin. We pick up things from our environment regardless of whether it’s explicitly said to us or not, and I think that right now we’re not being taught enough that hate is not okay.

The initiative is also seen as a way to prevent the loneliness and anxiety that can contribute to mental health problems and potentially to tragedies such as school shootings. We all want to connect with someone and so part of this work is despite how we may look in terms of our differences or our what our beliefs may be then, there, there’s typically always a point that you can connect.

So what can young kids do to protect the friend who is being bullied? I’ll tell them to please stop. We’re all the same even though I go there a different race. It’s a message. The program is trying to drive home one young student at a time.

Helena Djordjevic, VOA News, Washington.




一些学生从年轻活动家身上找到了灵感,这样的年轻活动价有哈娜[Hana Kaur Mangat]。12岁的时候,哈娜跟别人合伙成立了SK2K青年组织,这是因为此前锡克庙的6名信徒遭到了威斯康星州白人至上主义者的枪杀。环境改变了我们,不管这种环境大家都有感受的,还是耳濡目染的。我觉得,现在很少有人会告诉我们,仇恨不是一件好事。



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