Olympic Games in my eyes

Olympic Games in my eyes
Ladies and gentlemen:

Do you still remember the voice “ The city which will host the 29th Olympic Games is Beijing.” ? Do you still remember the mement when we cheered and waved all together? We were excited that Olympic would come to Beijing.

“ Chinese Seal Dancing Beijing” is our emblem.” “ One World One Dream” is our concept. And, do you know “ FuWa”? Yes, “ BeiBei, JingJing, HuanHuan, YingYing, NiNi” Five lovely children will carry a message of friendship and peace ——Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni——That’s “Welcome to Beijing”. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

“ Huan” is my favourite. He is the eldest brother of the five. He is the symbol of the flame. He also means higher, swifter and stronger.

Now I’ll call to all the people over the world. Come to Beijing, you will feel back home here, and let us together weave a peaceful and wonderful dream.

Olympic Games in my eyes
The exciting time is closer and closer. The 29th Olmpic Games will be held in Beijing,.I believe it will bring us a “peaceful and friendly” world. and five lovely children named Fuwa will carry the message from China to the world.
I still remember the moment when Liu Xiang received his prize in the 2004 Olympic Games.I was very proud and nearly moved to tears. He is excellent! It gave us a lot of confidence. As a Chinese, I will try to study English well and be a good volunteer. So I will be one of the hosts to welcome all the people from the world. I will show my big smile to them .Let them to share every piece of the joy in China.
I am sure that our Chinese athletes will gain many more achievements in 2008 Olympic Games in our own country. Come on! everyone, I’m sure this Olympic Game will be the most fantistic one!



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