20 Questions To Ask Before Creating An eBook

1. What will be the title of your ebook and will ithave a subtitle?

2. Will you be the only author or will there be otherco-authors?

3. Will you publish a print version of your ebook?

4. How many pages will your ebook be?

5. Will your ebook contain graphics, pictures orcharts?

6. Will your ebook include an appendix and index?

7. Will your ask other authors to contribute relatedarticles to your ebook?

8. What file formats will your ebook be available in;text, pdf, exe, html, etc.?

9. Will your ebook be sold as a product or will yourebook be used as a promotional tool?

10. Who will be your ebook's target audience?

11. What major benefit does your ebook give yourtarget audience?

12. Will you offer your prospects a guarantee andtestimonials to read?

13. Will you include a bibliography about yourselfin the ebook?

14. What personal information will you includeabout yourself in the ebook?

15. What colors and graphic(s) will be included onthe ebook cover?

16. Will you let your prospects read free samplechapters or excerpts to entice them?

17. Will you turn the ebook into other informationproducts like videos, audio books, teleclass, etc?

18. What type of payments will you accept for theebook?

19. Will you allow others to give away your freepromotional ebook?

20. Will you be selling the reprint rights to yourebook?

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