Earthquake in most touching thing

Wenchuan earthquake, numerous live the life spent in a few moment, the disaster has brought us great grief. In the disaster, many unfamiliar faces, but also bring us countless moved.

Disaster rescue first-line, the total少不了the shadow soldiers. Wenchuan a major earthquake, the rapid action force, before departure, a unit of the Air Force has 4,500 soldiers wrote a suicide note.

Airborne down, the soldiers have to face the plain is not easy, but heavy rain in the mountains, where at any time possible landslides and mud-rock flow. Zhang also look at a so-young face, so that we prayed in silence for their bar.

The earthquake has been 11 days, to participate in relief of the People's Liberation Army and armed police officers and soldiers still fighting in the first line of rescue work. A reporter from the disaster scene back in the blog that the rescue team Fale Feng as the rescue, but to save on the most critical time, the ruins of a sudden school buildings because of aftershocks and suspended operations in the mobile, at any time Collapse may occur again, re-entering the ruins of relief almost equivalent to die, the fire was under the command of the death order,钻入immediately withdraw from the ruins of the past, we have to wait until after the collapse of stability to enter. With just one out in the ruins of a child soldier at that time to kneel down crying, the towing of his people say you let me Qujiu one, and you allow me to seek a Qujiu! I can save one another.

In earthquake relief, up to the collapse of the school, rubble pile, in addition to students, also buried a lot of teachers. A rescue on the People's Liberation Army said: Last night's dug up the remains of a female teacher has been pressure for a cut-off, before the body is not easy Zhaoqi, a good fight. Below her hands and also Huzhe three students. One person familiar with that, she was 21 years old, just six months to work.

Yuan Wenting, is a young teacher, the disaster, she used to have weak hands one after another child. When she stormed to the last time, the building has completely collapsed, her youth forever fixed in a 26-year-old.

Dujiangyan-secondary source of the many teachers who have abandoned the fleeting opportunity to escape. As at 14, the school has five teachers in the quake in order to evacuate students, and the loss of precious lives.

Huzhu parents have children with their hands, it is instinct, teachers of students with physical security guards, it is mission. In the quake, teachers and students to save the expense of the story is continuously reported, let us remember that these respectable people, they deserve the title of the teachers.

Earthquake, a mother to leave this position: she Shuangxiguizhe, creeping forward, was pressed by deformation of the body, the body Below are her children. Before his death she left a message: Dear Baby, if you can live, we must remember that I love you.

In the ruins of the North River into the county, the ambulance crew in a serious damage to the Wujiao Department found a Zhazhuo big eyes of the little girl. Her name is Xin Yi. Earthquake, his young parents face the Zhaolian, arms Dazhao arm, used his body Dacheng an arch, the earthquake occurred in the Yishun both block wall collapsed from the heavy, they went to, leaving a small Xin Yi. Today, the three-year-old small-Xin Yi Jian Renjiu called her mother.

Earthquake in maternal love touching people, the provincial capital of a group of mothers caring for children in the disaster areas in the capital of the mountain held a dedication of a caring charity activities.

Here's to buy things no one down the Kanjia.

Maternal love is how great our incalculable, but we are convinced that it is precisely because it has a broad and deep in the maternal love to make this community a better place.



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